Who has Layne worked with?

Who has Layne worked with?

Layne has motivated and inspired thousands of people around the world through her compelling Keynote presentations and workshops.


  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Layne for a keynote speaker engagement for genXwomen networking group. From the time we made contact via Layne’s Executive Assistant the communication and organisation of Layne’s presentation was seamless. Layne was amazing, her presentation was powerful, inspiring and second to none, an absolute highlight of our event calendar this year. From start to finish the entire process was a rewarding experience and we have received such positive feedback from our members. Layne was delightful to deal with on the night, she was honest and authentic before, during and after the keynote presentation taking time to talk and engage with our members.

    Melanie Hamilton, GenXwomen
  • Layne’s presentation was a key highlight of our recent manager’s workshop and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Learning about Layne’s experiences, challenges, commitment and success in becoming a world class athlete, and key member of the community was both amazing and inspiring. With ease, Layne was able to relate her life experiences in a way that was relevant in our professional and private lives. Her passion and commitment to support and assist others needing some extra help to achieve their ambitions oozed out and enthralled the audience.

  • Layne Rocked! In the space of a few minutes Layne had the packed 500+room on the edge of their seats, there with her on top of the biggest wave she had ever surfed, wondering how did she remain so calm and confident of her ability given the fear and rising self inhibiting thoughts. Layne is a brilliant story teller and is able to articulately relate this and other pivotal moments to the many life and career experiences that we all have, and build upon “what it takes to win”.
    Layne introduces tools and techniques including owning the moment and being true to your values as a means to pushing through the barriers. Layne’s openness, honesty and humility compliments her delivery and makes for a genuine and authentic session that any and everyone will readily relate to.

    Big W
  • Layne presented her material extremely well. It was relevant, entertaining and inspiring. She is a delight to listen to and even more of a delight to meet in person. Layne is genuine and patient. A truly amazing woman and an inspiration to all – even us non-surfers!

  • Layne presented at our Presidents Club event which is attended by our best of the best in both our sales and non sales staff for Japan and Australia/New Zealand businesses. Layne’s keynote was perfect and was an integral component for the event and ensured it’s overall success. Layne’s presentation, customised specifically for our event, was much appreciated. The team were especially impressed by Layne’s ability to take her achievements and experience in her field and paralleling them to their business environment.

  • Layne is a great role model for us all and she has such clarity and strength in her presentation. Yet she is friendly, approachable and warm!

    People’s Choice Credit Union
  • Layne was fantastic. She spoke well and her story was shared with great passion and humour which was well received by our clients. The feedback has been fantastic with many saying she is the best speaker we have had to date. The auction of her surfboard and her book signing afterwards was a huge success. Layne was great to work with and interacted extremely well with our client. She was perfect for our Client Breakfast!

    CitiPower and Powercor Australia
  • Layne was a hit. She entertained and inspired a room full of delegates and their families. We were moved by her genuine accounts and reflections of an amazing career.

    Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • Layne was fantastic! Her story and the way she presented it ensured there was something for everyone in it. We also appreciated the generosity of time and graciousness she showed with our attendees for the many photos that were requested. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

    Waples Marketing Group Pty Ltd
  • Layne is a polished and consummate professional.

    AMP Australia
  • Layne was fantastic, she took the time to speak to and be photographed by the delegates. The presentation itself was brilliant, everyone was very impressed. Points were all so relevant.

    Rotary Club of Batesman Bay
  • The most motivational, positive, uplifting speaker I have heard. Very professional and willing to answer lots of questions at the end. Layne was amazing.

    Australian Hotels Assocation SA
  • Layne was a fantastic presenter to deal with both on and off stage. Our audience were captivated by her throughout the whole presentation. She is such an inspiration!

    Enterprises & Training Company Limited
  • We had a very male dominated group of all ages. Coming in at the end of the day where energy levels are often waning, Layne changed their state in minutes, had them enthralled and focussed with her story and life messages. Layne is a truly authentic person with a very strong message of what can be, despite the challenge life can throw at all of us. Layne’s message is clear, genuine and inspirational. I can tell you this was money very well spent.

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