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The Keynote.

Be the Champion of your Life

Layne is one of Australia’s most trusted and respected brands.Her infectious personality and powerful messaging make her a highly sought-after inspirational speaker, imparting her knowledge and stories with raw honesty, candour and humour. Sharing her model for Sustained Success, Layne provides life changing tips and tools to turn ideas and intentions into actions, empowering people to become the Champion of their life.

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Tired of the standard Board meeting?

It’s time to experience a real “Board Meeting” with a different spin. And yes… the pun is intended. Layne Beachley AO is bringing her expertise and knowledge as a business woman, mentor and world champion surfer together to provide you and your team with an impact ful team-building exercise incorporating motivation, life coaching and professional development… oh, and a surf. Sound interesting? Let’s read on…

What will this involve? It is a half-day program with two ‘Board Meetings’. The first Board Meeting will take place in the ocean where your team will enjoy a once in a life-time opportunity to surf alongside an 8 time world champion. Immediately following, your team will have time to dry off, change and take a short walk to a designated restaurant where the second Board Meeting with Layne will take place. Here your team will spend quality one on one time listening to and learning from Layne on what made her successful and how they can apply this to their professional and personal lives.

Live a life you love, love the life you live.

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Adaptive Mindset

Dubbed “The Forth Industrial Revolution” by technologists, developing an Adaptive Mindset is essential to navigating our way through the current waves of change. A clear sense of direction prevents us being disrupted by the changing winds, empowering us to be flexible and receptive to possibilities and ideas. Through a greater understanding of how past experiences influence our current behaviours we can develop the confidence to step into our power and be the leaders we were born to be. Detach yourself from the chains of fear, ego and narcissism and step into a bigger life. Critical for senior leaders and high performers.

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