Awake 2 Evolve: Energy

29th, August , 2019

ENERGY– How often do you make time for yourself?

Being in, on or near the ocean lifts my energy, making me feel calm, relaxed and centered. Every day we do our best to fulfil deadlines, pursue goals and strive for more, but at what cost? If we are striving to achieve without concern or care for our health and wellbeing we are driven through fear. When our energy is depleted we begin to make mistakes, become easily distracted and lose confidence.

How do you know if you have pushed yourself too far? With so many things vying for our attention and depleting our energy, the first step to greater fulfillment and freedom is to identify what gives us energy.

To get the most out of ourselves and life, we must make the time to do things we enjoy, to boost our confidence and increase our energy.

What brings you Joy? How often do you make the time for yourself?

If you want to sustain motivation, invest long hours at work and maintain strong connections with loved ones, you must make the time to renew yourself regularly along the way. Learning to properly manage your energy will ultimately improve your relationships with friends and family, increase your productivity at work and transform your quality of life.

In fact, greater energy makes it possible to get more done in less time at a higher level of engagement and with more sustainability.


As you may know, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, poor sleep, and insufficient rest diminish people’s basic energy levels, negatively affecting their ability to manage their emotions and focus their attention. Nonetheless, many of us don’t find ways to practice consistent healthy behaviours, given all the other demands in our lives. We fail to recognise the symptoms until we are broken. Why? Often because we believe we will have to change something, and with change comes loss.

Our physical body requires frequent rest and proper nutrition.

Our emotions determine the quality of our energy, therefore we must learn to tune into how we are feeling.

Our minds require clarity and focus to achieve our tasks, so eliminating distractions and creating boundaries is integral to increasing our productivity and energy.

Many people fail to recognise meaning and purpose as potential sources of energy. We tap into our spirit when our everyday work and activities are aligned with our values. What do you want to be remembered for?

To recharge ourselves, we need to recognise the costs of energy-depleting behaviours and then take responsibility for changing them. When I notice myself being negative, self-deprecating or fault finding, this is my internal indicator of exhaustion and time to rest and regenerate.

The safety demonstration on planes asks you to place your oxygen mask on first before assisting others for a good reason. Now is the time for you to prioritise you.



If not Now, When?

Time is an infinite resource, energy is a different story.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or looking for a few life hacks to improve your life, awake2evolve is a great place to reset and re-learn some strategies to simply transform your reality.

Join me on September 25th where we will uncover and share some simple and practical ways to enhance our energy, increase productivity and live a happier and healthier life.

By Jodee/August 29, 2019