The A.R.T. of Success

13th, April , 2016

Do you want to extend and build on your career, find a competitive edge, uncover your driving force and consciously achieve success in business and life?

Layne’s success is unquestionable both in and out of the water, but what exactly does it take to achieve and sustain success?

In these series of workshops, you will be asked to clearly articulate your vision, identify your personal values, create awareness of your self limiting beliefs, develop extending beliefs and shatter the inner glass ceiling to start living a life you truly desire.

All inspiring leaders think, act and communicate in a unique way.

No matter what situation you are in you will always have certain thoughts about it, which result in feelings and actions, all determined by your attitude.

Resilience depends on supportive, responsive relationships and mastering a set of capabilities that can help us respond and adapt to adversity in healthy ways.

Speaking your truth and living authentically builds trust, reduces stress, increases happiness and empowers you.

The A.R.T of Success will create a higher level of consciousness so you no longer respond to an old historical version of the self, shattering the inner glass ceiling and empowering you to life a life by design, not by default.

We look forward to seeing you there.

By b2zadmin/April 13, 2016