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FEAR forms Limitations

False Experiences Appearing Real Yes, it’s another acronym and it’s a goodie. Why? Because it describes how fear appears in […]

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By b2zadmin / September 18, 2019

EVOLVE Turning Obstacles into Opportunities.

Tap into 20/20 Hindsight. It requires acceptance, detachment from judgment and the courage to look in the rear-view mirror, assess […]

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By b2zadmin / September 11, 2019


“Your perceived emptiness drives your fulfilment.” – Aristotle Four years into retirement I was diagnosed with pneumonia. At the time I […]

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By b2zadmin / September 4, 2019

ENERGY How often do you make time for yourself?

Being in, on or near the ocean lifts my energy, making me feel calm, relaxed and centered. Every day we […]

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By b2zadmin / August 29, 2019

Book Recommendation: From Exhausted to Energized by Dr Libby Weaver

How often does not having enough energy get in the way of what you want to achieve? If you had […]

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By Jodee / June 6, 2019

Book Recommendation: I Heart Me – The Science of Self Love by David Hamilton

How much love do you have for yourself? Not the narcissistic ‘Aren’t I wonderful’ kind of love, but the essential […]

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By Jodee / June 6, 2019

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